Teeth loss can have a massive impact on your confidence and your quality of life. Whether you are missing most or all of your teeth, you could benefit from our custom-made dentures. Serving patients across Fawkner, A1 Dental Clinic will provide you with dentures that look natural, enhance your smile and restore your chewing ability.

What is Denture?

A denture is a removable dental appliance that is worn to replace missing or lost teeth. They are made of artificial or prosthetic teeth which are attached to a supporting structure. By having dentures fixed, you will appear youthful and be able to speak and chew food comfortably.

Types Of Dentures:

Basically, dentures are of two types – partial and complete dentures. While partial dentures fill in the spaces left by missing or lost teeth, complete dentures replace all of the natural teeth either in the lower or upper jaws. Whether you are missing one, two or all of your natural teeth, we can create natural looking dentures to restore your smile and oral health.

What Is The Treatment Procedure For Dentures?

Denture treatment begins with a complete dental check-up where the dentists at A1 Dental Clinic will evaluate your dental condition and recommend the best treatment option for you. As a part of our denture procedure, we require radiographs to assess whether your teeth are strong enough to hold a denture.

Once the evaluation of your oral health is completed, we will take impressions of your mouth and customise your denture to fit your mouth perfectly. Our dentists will work with you to tailor the size, shape, and colour of your dentures to your individual requirements.

So, if you would like to get the best results for your dentures, call 0421 438 238 and get in touch with A1 Dental Clinic today. Let’s make you feel and look your best by promising you a beautiful smile.

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