Kids and Teens

Treating young patients is quite different from treating adults. Here at A1 Dental Clinic, we give your little ones more reasons to smile. Our pediatric dentist team has been committed to providing the highest level of dental treatments for infants, children, and teenagers. We have invested in the latest dental technology and the highest safety standards to meet the specific demands of your children.

What Does Our Children’s Dentistry Include?

  • Our pediatric dentists provide complete oral health care, including
  • Oral health examination including risk assessment
  • Thumb sucking habit counseling
  • Assessment and treatment for teeth straightening
  • Preventive dental care including teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments
  • Treatment for tooth decay and cavities
  • Diagnosis of oral health conditions
  • Management of gum diseases
  • Care for dental injuries such as displaced, fractured and knocked out teeth

Friendly Environment:
At A1 Dental Clinic, we provide kids friendly environment where your children feel extremely comfortable and receive the right treatment. We assure you that your child’s visit to our dental clinic will be a matter of fun rather than being a matter of fear.

Personalised Treatment:

Our pediatric dentists can provide personalised treatments for kids and teens of all ages. We have undergone special training programs which enable us to understand the unique needs of our young patients and provide treatments tailored to their specific needs.

We understand that you are putting a lot of trust on our dental team to care for the smile of your little ones. We take that seriously and do whatever it takes to improve their experience. Whether you need an appointment for your child’s first dental visit or you are looking for painless dentistry treatments, we are looking forward to helping your little ones achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

What are you waiting for? Simply give us a call on 0421 438 238 and schedule an appointment today!

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